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This year, we got to take Kristin’s family to Oahu, HI! It was so fun! We got to snorkel with sea turtles, octopus, and lots of other neat fish. We were there during whale season and got to see some spectacular breeches. We went to a luau, and enjoyed the beautiful beaches. The pipeline was perfect for some competitions, so we went and watched some of the surfing. Erik and Steve tried to surf, too. Gosh, I miss it, already!  I was so glad that we got to share that time with my parents and with Erik and Portia. Who knows how many opportunities we will have to do something like that together.

Big changes!

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We have  a little girl on the way! She is due sometime the end of June! We are so excited! The only name Steve and I have agreed on, so far, is Eleanor. So, that will probably be her name.  I can feel when she gets the hiccups and Steve can hear her little heartbeat sometimes.

Kristin’s Birthday

I took Kristin to Vegas this year for her birthday.  We combined it with a work trip.  While in Vegas, we stayed at the Trump International Hotel.  This is supposedly a 5 star hotel but I wasn’t extremely impressed.  The room was very nice but it wasn’t what I expected.  One warning about the Trump Hotel is that they will nickel and dime you.  Once you pay your room rate, there’s also a “Resort Fee” that you have to pay.  The Hotel was nice but it was about 3/4 mile from the strip.  It made for a long walk.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe for a birthday meal.  It was the first time Kristin had eaten here, though I know she has wanted to eat here for a long time.  It was a fun place, though very noisy.

While we were here, we saw Ka, from Cirque du Soleil.  It was an amazing show.  You didn’t have to understand the words, just the actions.  I don’t know what else to say except that it was just amazing.

We also saw all of the free shows, too.  The Water Show at Bellagio, the Pirate Show at Treasure Island.  We did lots of walking but it was fun to see everything again.  The only thing that would have made it better is if we had Segways.

We also ran into one of my relatives at the Venetian.  Auntie Louis Yang was sitting at the slot machine waiting for her in-laws.  Kristin noticed her before I did.  It was a fun meeting as she took us back to her room to show us her view from the Venetian.

Vegas is fun for little getaways but it wears me out quickly.  I’m glad we live so close that we can visit often.

This year’s travels

This past year has been a busy, wonderful one! We have had so much fun! We went to Disneyland for Kristin’s birthday. We thought it would be fun to do before we have children.

We also go to go to Montreal, last fall, through Steve’s work. We went to cooking school for a night and made crepe’s! Our flight was canceled due to weather. Instead of spending our money that night at a hotel we spent it on a late night cruise along the Hudson River!

In April, we went to Oahu, Hawaii! We went snorkeling, to a luau, to the Polynesian Cultural Center, hiking, and spending lots of time in the sand and sea. The highlight was going parasailing! We really enjoyed it! It’s an awesome way to see the island!

AND Kristin’s brother Erik got married to a wonderful girl! We are so happy for them both!

Festival of Color

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Kristin and I just got back from the Festival of Color in Spanish Fork. It was a celebration at the Krishna Temple, where people gather and throw color at one another. I’m guessing there were about 8,000 people there, all sober, ready to party. Color was being sold in $1 bags and $2 bags, with the $2 bags coming from India. Everything was fine and dandy until 6pm came around. That’s when the official celebration beings and people start throwing color. At the very beginning it was chaos, with people throwing their color all over the place. It was hard to see and breathe. At the end of it all, we all were pretty colorful. I’m still trying to clean out all of the color. It gets everywhere.

We just couldn’t figure out what the color was made from. It is either chalk or flour. Either way, it was fun.

Check out our pictures from the Festival by clicking here.